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Picswitch makes it easy to update your twitter profile picture with your own custom message.
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Create your own messages with our easy to use profile picture customizer tool. Choose your own fonts, colors or iconic badges. Preview your creation before you switch. Switching back to your original profile pic is painless with our 1-click reset. After you're done, share your switch with friends and see how many people you can reach. Try it!

About Picswitch.

Built by some folks who know that :-) isn’t just an emoticon, it’s a state of being. When you sign up with Picswitch you can be sure we won’t do lame stuff like Tweet or post without your permission, or sell your email address to anyone, because frankly that would make you go :-P and then make us feel :-(

So keep \m/ \m/ and let us know if you have any questions: